Each rental business has a specific organization with different requirement regarding software access per employee / services / departments or even for third part service providers. This article will help you understanding better the correspondance between the CUSTOM ROLE settings and your Wheelbase menu.

Why is it essential restricting access to certain functionalities?

Mainly for security reasons and to avoid overwhelming information for someone not familiar with your business. The main types of personalized roles we observe are such as for accounting, cleaning or even for consigned vehicle owners. Going further in the granularity, you will find three types of checkboxes from drop-down sections so you can enable/disable users to CREATE / UPDATE / DELETE informations.

How to start with a new type of custom roles?

We always recommend to think first about the features that your users will require instead of the one they won't need. In other words, take a blank page and design your own settings. Take advantage of the dropdown of checkboxes for the different permissions so you can enable/disable users to CREATE / UPDATE / DELETE informations.

What is included with the different sections?

  • The ADMINISTRATION section is pretty exhaustive and will allow users to access different tools such as Inbox, Add-ons, Rules, Premium services, GPS and even some of the Account settings. Remaining Account settings are available from the ACCOUNT section located at the bottom of the custom roles page.

  • The PAYMENT section is referring to the Payout preference menu and will eventually allow users to update an existing account, connect another account or connect a payment gateway

  • The RESERVATION section will provide access for users to the Quotes and Reservations menu.

  • From the RENTAL section, users should be able to access the Vehicles menu.

  • The USERS section will provide access to the Customers menu and eventually allow them to create / update / delete informations for all your renters profiles.

  • The REPORTING section is helpful if want users to reach different Reports such as the Transaction log or the Deposits.

Note: the CALENDAR section will only appear for a custom role if you combine both RESERVATION and RENTAL sections at the same time.

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