What's the correct process for collecting toll fees? How to add toll fees on returned reservation?

This can vary slightly based on dealer discretion. Some policies state right to charge a renter's card for toll costs and let the renter sign this contract. Others include administration fees for a flat rate (eg, $20).

What process do we recommend when receiving a toll bill?

  1. Click the edit button on the reservation and create a new add-on called « road toll fees / additional charge» (or select it as an existing hidden add-on).

  2. Add the toll/additional fee receipt to the reservation under documents and files (this way you have it saved for easy access).

  3. Message the renter through the activity to let them know, that you will charge the remainder of the toll fee to the card on file.

  4. Charge the renter's card on file by clicking on the make payment button and selecting the card from the drop-down menu.

    NOTE: Any charges (add-ons, date changes, services, mileage, toll bills, etc.) must be captured on booking prior to charging renter credit card. Any attempts to process payment without supporting line items and/or booking changes/adjustments will prompt the following pop-up;

If the renter's card is expired or has been canceled, the charge attempt will most likely fail, requiring follow up with renter for updated card information.

Depending on the state your vehicle is registered - or where the toll fine was created - you might be able to denounce the customer by sending a letter giving all details of the offence. In these cases be mindful of any potential penalties linked to delays in payment.

Outdoorsy specific: reach out to the renter and give them a timeframe to provide a valid credit card otherwise you will have to send it to fair claims to settle the dispute. The Outdoorsy team would then need a copy of the toll fees and the final amount you need to charge the renter in addition.

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