First of all you should always remember that Wheelbase uses the MAILBOX as a key identification / token to authenticate any users such as your direct customers, any Outdoorsy renter or even employee users.


For any Outdoorsy booking, the cost of user acquisition is a percentage calculated based on the Subtotal of the reservation amount excluding insurance. If you do not use Wheelbase/ Outdoorsy insurance on an Outdoorsy booking the Outdoorsy lead fee increases.

1) Wheelbase fee: this cost is the owner lead fee charged to you - the owner for all leads that come through from the Outdoorsy platform.

2) Outdoorsy service fee: this cost is the renter lead fee paid by the renter to you first and Wheelbase is deducting this for Outdoorsy from your payout meaning it is not affecting your revenue on the booking.


Wheelbase is a free to use software. Customers booking from your site or phone/direct will only see an eventual fee as the cost of insurance. Wheelbase monetizes through all the Premium Services available for your customers.

Returning customers: when a renter who first booked on Outdoorsy, visit your website and creates an account with the same email as his Outdoorsy account, it creates a new dealer owned user account that does not have Outdoorsy lead fees, as this is not an Outdoorsy driven booking. Also when sending quotes from Wheelbase, you'll want to create a new profile for them within Wheelbase, then create a quote for the new profile.

Note: Outdoorsy does monitor for the prohibited behavior of taking their customers off platform in an attempt to circumvent the fees.

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