Insurance coverage for delivery

  • Comprehensive and Collision: The Wheelbase deductible is always 2% of the stated replacement value; with a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,500.; As the dealer, you are responsible for the deductible during the delivery and pickup period, not the renter.

  • Liability: Coverage will match the minimum financial requirement in the state you are delivering in.

  • The delivery and return must be the same day the booking starts and ends to qualify for coverage; if you plan on delivering the night before, the booking must be extended for the extra night and reflected in the reservation dates.

  • The Comprehensive & Collision coverage will extend to cover the delivery and return route without additional stops on the start or end date of the booking. The delivery driver must be on the way to deliver or retrieve the RV at the end of the rental to qualify for coverage.

  • REMEMBER: Your Delivery Drivers (this may include you) must be entered and passed as verified drivers in the Delivery Drivers section of your Account Settings. (Account Settings > Delivery Drivers)

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