Insurance coverage for delivery

  • Comprehensive and Collision: Your deductible as a Wheelbase User is always going to be 2% of the stated replacement value; with a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,500; please note you as the dealer are responsible for the deductible during the delivery period, not the renter.

  • Liability: Your liability coverage will match the minimum financial requirement in the state you are delivering in.

  • The delivery must be the same day the booking starts in order to qualify for coverage; if you plan on delivering the night before, the booking must be extended for the extra night and reflect in the reservation dates.

  • You must be on the way to deliver your RV to your renter to qualify for coverage; this means the route directly to the delivery location without additional stops; for example, if you stop for gas along the way you would be covered from your last stop (the gas station) to the delivery location only.

  • We currently do not offer coverage for the pickup period (when you pickup the RV after the trip is completed). Since the booking period is over, your personal insurance should cover you on the way home (please note that if your personal carrier denies coverage during your return home, notify us immediately at [email protected]). For great coverage on the ride home, get a free insurance quote from Roamly, our preferred insurance partner.

  • The delivery driver must be the listed owner in order to qualify for this coverage.

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