Once your claim is filed, you’ll receive an estimate.

Outdoorsy claims are initially settled with a preliminary estimate based on a photo appraisal. Once the vehicle is ready to be repaired, the shop can file a supplement to bridge the gap on additional repair expenses. Don’t worry if this sounds unfamiliar; these days, supplements are standard in the insurance industry.

You may be wondering now, what is a supplement, and how is it filed? These are common questions asked during the claims process, and we have additional information surrounding supplements below.

What is a supplement?

A supplement is filed by the repair facility when the actual costs to repair a vehicle exceed the amount estimated in the preliminary appraisal. This may be due to freight charges for a part, damages found during teardown, higher labor rate for a specialized technician, etc. All supplemental charges are reviewed and validated by our licensed appraisal team to ensure that only the actual necessary cost of repair is being covered.

How is a supplement filed?

You or your repair facility can file a supplement directly with the RVBetter appraisal team here.

To submit a claim, you’ll need to take pre-trip and post-trip photos. Along with the photos, you’ll also need both the return and departure forms completed, signed, and on hand ( these are strongly recommended). The forms differ depending on whether your vehicle is driveable or towable.

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