All qualifying vehicles listed on Outdoorsy will be eligible for our insurance protection plan. Insurance protection is available to RVs, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Toy Haulers, Truck Campers, Campervans, Sportsmobiles, and certified Westfalias, VW Campers, and Vintage units. This excludes the tow vehicle unless it is also listed on Outdoorsy, has been approved, and is rented at the same time as the trailer through Outdoorsy. The tow vehicle must apply and be approved for coverage separately from the trailer. If you have an older vehicle, know that Outdoorsy is the only major RV rental platform that covers vehicles older than 15 years for both Physical Damage and Liability. There is no restriction on age for trailers as long as they pass their regularly scheduled mechanical safety inspections.

The insurance protection program is offered to you with no monthly premium and no monthly payment. It is a benefit that you enjoy for listing on and transacting through Outdoorsy. Best of all, you are provided with $1 million in liability coverage in the U.S. and up to $500,000 in Physical Damage coverage, including Comprehensive & Collision protection.

In Canada, coverages are available up to $5 Million in Liability coverage and up to actual cash value for physical damage coverage, including Comprehensive & Collision protection.

However, it’s important to note that:

  • Outdoorsy’s insurance policy does not replace your personal insurance policy. For a free insurance quote and great coverage options, check out our preferred insurance partner, Roamly.

  • Only transactions made through Outdoorsy qualify for our $1 million Liability coverage and up to $500,000 in Physical Damage coverage (in the U.S.). In Canada, the available coverages are up to $5 Million in Liability coverage and up to actual cash value for Physical Damage coverage, including Comprehensive & Collision protection.

  • Interior damage is not covered under the Outdoorsy Comprehensive and Collision coverage, optional Damage Protection coverage can be purchased by the renter for interior damage protection.

  • Every listed vehicle must pass a 90-day inspection of its tires, brakes, and LP gas, appliance, and electrical systems within 90 days of the reservation departure. Outdoorsy’s insurance reserves the right to request these inspection documents in the event of a filed claim.

  • Vehicles must be legally registered, meet all safety standards, and must be certified and meet all listing criteria on Outdoorsy.

  • All drivers, including the primary contract signer, must be verified and approved through the Outdoorsy DMV Driver history check and other background checks if necessary.

  • For drivers traveling south of the border, our coverage does not extend to vehicles entering Mexico.

  • Damage as a result of vandalism and theft during the rental period must include a police report when submitting a claim to our team or the claim will not be accepted.

  • Insurance coverages are not permitted for salvage title vehicles.

  • In the event a claim needs to be filed, dealers will have to provide the following items:

    • Dealers must file damage claims within 14 days of the reservation end date

    • Pre-trip and post-trip photos taken within 24-hours of the reservation departure and again within 48-hours of the end date.

    • Proof of ownership: A copy of registration, title, sales agreement

    • The consignment agreement should indicate the vehicle owner's consent and direction for your business to receive payment on their behalf should an insurance settlement be awarded. Alternatively, you may provide the registered owner's mailing address, email, and phone number, and we will issue them a check once coverage is determined.


The application process is quick and easy. Before you rent your first RV we ask for your payment information and your Driver’s License information and, in some cases, more background information so we can verify that you meet our eligibility and insurability requirements. In most cases, the driver eligibility check takes seconds, as long as we can verify all of your information and you have a clean driving record.

It’s an easy and secure process and your information is never shared with anyone. Upon passing background verification, your insurance will be activated and you will be covered from the moment you pick up the keys to the RV. Your coverage automatically includes state minimums for liability, with the option to upgrade your liability coverage to $1,000,000 in the U.S. and up to $5 million for Canadian originated rentals. The coverage protects you against claims from third parties for damage caused to the vehicle. You’re protected for physical damage that you may cause to the RV, up to the maximum limit that you select in the coverage packages during your booking.

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