One of the options available under 'Reservation Preferences' is charge by day vs. charge by night. Note: Insurance and mileage and generator fees always calculates on a per day basis, regardless of whether you charge by night vs. charge by day.

Charging by night

Charges for each 'night' of reservation.

Example, reservation spanning July 4-7 calculated as '3 nights'

Base rental rate of $150 ($150 x 3 = $450)

Charging by day

Charges for each 'calendar day' of reservation.

Example, reservation spanning July 4-7 would be calculated as '4 days'

Base rental rate of $150 ($150 x 4 = $600)

Any usage settings - such as mileage/generator charges - will work in tandem with whichever of above is selected.

Example: Reservation spanning July 4-7; If '200 miles included per day/night' is selected under Add-Ons & Fees/Mileage & Generator section the total allowance would be 600 miles if charging by night, and 800 miles if charging by day.

Pick up and drop off times

The system default of 3pm & 11am mesh well with charge by night option. If charging by day it is recommended to offer earlier (morning) pick up along with later (afternoon/early evening) drop off.

Looking to change your default pick up and drop off times?

To adjust default pick up and drop off times go to 'Account Settings/Reservation Preferences' and modify at top of the page. Whatever is indicated here is what will appear as pick off and drop off time on General Receipt/Quote.

Store location hours

'Store Location' hours - which you can edit by scrolling down on this page - work in tandem with designated default pick up and drop off times. Common practice here is to offer a two to three hour time frame around chosen default to offer some flexibility. For more information on store location click on this article.

Note: If you charge by day and 'Turn around time' is 'Same day pick up allowed' availability of vehicle is not until the calendar day after rig has been returned.

Example #1 - Charge by day/Same day pick up allowed/rig returned on 7/12 (next available date 7/13)

Example #2 - Charge by day/'1 Night' Turn around time/rig returned 7/12 (next available date 7/14)

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