If your Renter leaves a review on trip return, you can view it and reply from Reservations/Reviews tab on your Wheelbase account. Keep in mind that your 'response to renter' content will not be visible in the dashboard, but can be accessed online. The renter has 14 days to review the trip after the return date.

You'll have 14 days from the review publication to write a response. Once that deadline has passed, the "reply" button will disappear. You may still reach out to Wheelbase support if you missed that deadline, we can reactivate the "reply" button for the same period of time.

What to do if you have received a negative review ?

Here a few tips on how to handle negative reviews:

  1. Take a moment to reply to a review,

  2. Respond if possible to every point raised by the reviewer,

  3. Be polite and respectful even if you feel that a reviewer's critiques are discourteous or unjustified,

  4. Show the reviewers that they were listened to/understood, and that you've taken into account their comments and made necessary changes.

  5. It may be too late to improve the rental experience of the reviewer, but your comments might be read by the potential Renters and they want to be sure that all negative points were properly addressed.

Last but not least: when possible, do what the reviewers ask. It may happen that some requests go beyond what you perceive should be available or possible. However, it is always useful to consider if the resources invested are outweighed by the overall improvement of the customer satisfaction rate and ultimately revenue growth.

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