Add the following snippet to your site where you want reviews to display:

<div id="wheelbase-review-container"></div>
<a id="wheelbase-review-anchor" href="" title="">

<link rel="stylesheet"href="" />
<script type="text/javascript"src="" ></script>

Attention: You will have to paste your user ID instead of XXX for the snippet data-owner-id="XXX" . How to get your user ID? From your Wheelbase dashboard, go to Account Settings, scroll down to the link "View Checkout Example" as shown in the picture below:

You will get redirected to a page called In the URL of this page, you will find your user ID which is displayed as owner_id=XXXXX. In the example below the URL shows, which means the user ID in this example is 607793:

How to view and reply to reviews?

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