Protection Package Options

You have the ability to offer three levels of insurance coverage to your renters. Options outlined below;


  • Liability Coverage: State Minimum

  • Comprehensive & Collision Protection: Up to 100K

  • Windshield Repair Coverage


  • Liability Coverage: State Minimum

  • Comprehensive & Collision Protection: Up to 150K

  • Windshield Repair Coverage

  • Roadside Assistance

Peace of Mind

  • Liability Coverage: Up to $1M

  • Comprehensive & Collision Protection: Up to 250K

  • Windshield Repair Coverage

  • Roadside Assistance

Note on Deductibles:

For bookings the insurance deductible is included and stated in the details of the protection package (and therefore that’s the amount you should claim from the security deposit when filing an insurance claim).

For direct bookings your deductible is going to be 2% of the stated replacement value; with a minimum of $500 and maximum of $1,500. This is taken from your claim payout and your responsibility as an owner to collect.

For more information on deductibles click here.

Option to adjust 'Wheelbase Package Pricing'

  • You as an owner have the option to decide how much you or your renters pay for insurance (you can have the renters pay the full daily cost; you can split it 50-50; or any combination that works best for you).

  • Below screenshot illustrates where you can either charge an additional % ('Drivable') or a discounted % ('Towable')

Premium Services Wheelbase 2022-02-22 at 2.41.23 PM

Insurance FAQ’s

How will this affect my current bookings that already have the percentage based insurance included?

Existing confirmed reservations will not be affected. However, if the insurance status is changed on a booking (rejected then enabled), the booking will use the new packages.

Can I adjust the renter’s price for the packages?

Yes, in the Premium Services section of Wheelbase, you can increase or decrease the price of packages. Decreasing the price means you will take on that cost. Increasing the price means you will earn that money. Learn more here.

How do packages affect my coverage level for my vehicles? (U.S. Coverages)

They do not change your level of coverage. You/your company maintain full coverage of up to $1M Liability protection and property damage for your company. The package selection only changes the renter’s coverage level. In the event a renter’s package selection does not cover the extent of damage, our insurance team will fully payout the claim to you, and our insurance team will collect any necessary funds from the renter.

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