You work hard to maximize your assets, and a challenge we have heard is that due to minimum nights, you don’t get a chance to fill the gaps that are open on your calendar, especially as you get closer to the date. So we’re excited to announce an update to help with this!

Previously, renters who enter who want to book for shorter than your minimum nights/days were shown a quote for the rental amount equivalent to your min. # of nights/days leading to interested renters looking but rarely converting into a reservation or booking request. Meaning, you don’t even get the opportunity to work with that customer and convert the potential renter to a shorter booking than you usually accept. Today, we have made a change to allow you to handle these requests better and fill up those empty gaps in your calendar, making you more money. Watch the videos below.

A new setting next to the minimum nights/days in your account settings allows you to set a time window in which you are open to receiving requests that are shorter than your minimum nights settings.

This means if a booking would depart within the next few days/weeks, they will be able to submit a booking request to you for approval that reflects the actual Rental Amount for that number of nights (note: they would not be able to instantly book, even if you usually do allow Instant Book).

Video Explanation of Setting 🎦

If you do not use Instant Book, the only difference is booking requests that are shorter than your minimum & start soon, will have a Rental Amount for the actual # of nights requested, not the # of your minimum (This means you will have more bookings requests and more opportunity to maximize your calendar and your profits!)

Click here to see it in action! 🎦

Now that this feature is live, it is defaulted to allow requests shorter than the minimum to be submitted if the booking departs within the next 30 days. If you don’t want to receive the opportunity to get more bookings, or you want to expand/shorten that date range, you can navigate to account settings > reservation preferences.

To learn more about this update, check out our FAQ article here.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


- The Wheelbase Team

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