Wondering if you need commercial insurance?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then your current personal insurance is likely no longer covering you and you'll need a commercial policy (like the kind that Roamly offers for up to 25% less than MBA):
Email [email protected] or

  • Do you rent out 5 or more RVs on a regular basis?

    • Many businesses on Wheelbase have many more than 5 vehicles! If you don't and are interested in increasing your inventory, check out our Outdoorsy Finance Program!

  • Do you store your RV at your business location?

  • Do you manage vehicles that have been consigned to you?

    • If not, have you considered it? Outdoorsy and Wheelbase are piloting a consignment program as well, currently limited to California. Sign up here, or reach out to Ashley Douglas at [email protected].

  • Do you have business partners and/or employees operating your vehicles?

  • Do you use your vehicles for business purposes (i.e. deliveries, trade shows)?

Renting out more than one RV has its challenges, but insurance shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why Roamly offers smart commercial RV insurance specifically designed to cover your growing business. It also helps you save. * Roamly helps you only pay for the commercial insurance you need because we partner with Outdoorsy and Wheelbase Pro to know when your RVs are rented. It’s smarter insurance that helps you save. To see for yourself, start your free quote. **While your RVs are rented out on Outdoorsy or Wheelbase Pro, you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your RVs are protected against physical damage up to its cash value. As an owner, you’re also covered with $1 million in liability insurance protection. To learn more about insurance through Outdoorsy insurance.

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