As a Wheelbase owner, you are provided with our free software to manage your business. With Outdoorsy renters, we charge a small fee for leads generated from the Outdoorsy website to supplement your current book of business.

Here are some tips and tricks for being successful on the Outdoorsy platform:


  • Respond quickly to Outdoorsy renter questions.

  • Accept booking requests from Outdoorsy renters that are a good fit for your business.

  • Avoid last minute cancellations.


  • Send quotes directly to Outdoorsy renters.

  • Encourage Outdoorsy renters to go directly to your website to book.

  • Ask for email addresses for Outdoorsy renters.

  • Cancel and rebook an Outdoorsy booking to save on the cost of Outdoorsy fees.

Things to look out for:

  • You now have the option to approve an Outdoorsy renter's date change request from your Wheelbase dashboard. HERE is an article that will show you how to do this.

  • Website links will get removed - When corresponding with Outdoorsy renters, any time your website or any other website link is included in a message to the renter, this information will automatically be removed from the message.

<Pro Tip>: If you have data that needs to be conveyed to a renter, like a video of your vehicle or links to campgrounds, eForms, etc., you can create additional documents with links and files and attach them to your eSign documents to convey this information. This way the information is provided to the renter and the link information is not removed and flagged. To add a document to your reservations for this, you can go HERE to your policies and documents page. Once you’ve added it to your files, be sure to click the check box to “Include in eSign” and save changes.

  • Email addresses sent in messages to Outdoorsy renters will also be removed automatically. - An Outdoorsy renter’s email is only visible once a booking is confirmed.

  • ***Please note, that although you are not able to see an Outdoorsy renter’s email, they will still receive messages through their inbox, the renter's email is just hidden in your Wheelbase dashboard until the booking is confirmed.

<Pro Tip>: If you need to modify an Outdoorsy Renter booking request or quote, just be sure you’re using the Outdoorsy renter profile when adding a renter to a new draft or quote. You should see Outdoorsy detailed in the renter’s profile to distinguish that they are an Outdoorsy renter:

Watch a short video on a couple of ways to send a revised quote to an Outdoorsy renter

  • Payments via Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, cash, check or any other payment method other than the renter’s credit card (off platform payments) are strictly prohibited for ALL Outdoorsy renters.

<Pro Tip>: You can edit a booking to add additional line time add ons after confirmation- Just click the edit button to add new line items for each new charge to a booking and then charge the card on file. You can also collect these costs from the renter’s security deposit. Just click the “Manage Security Deposit” option and follow the instructions in the article linked HERE.

****Please note that our Trust and Safety team does not allow off-platform bookings or off-platform payments. Multiple violations of these policies can lead to your vehicle listings being removed from the Outdoorsy platform permanently. You can reference the Outdoorsy Terms and Conditions HERE.

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