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We’re excited to announce a new update to Wheelbase that improves how sales tax is withheld and remitted on bookings for Outdoorsy.com renters, as well as the flexibility of reporting on these taxes. Because we are discussing taxes here, we highly recommend that you consult with a local tax professional if you have any questions regarding how to handle or remit taxes. These changes will go live on November 26th, 2021–2 weeks from today.

Here is a breakdown of the changes and how they will impact you:

🎦 Click here for a quick video explanation of the change

  • ALL Outdoorsy.com bookings will utilize sales tax rates determined by Outdoorsy & money from these sales taxes will be retained by Outdoorsy. If your vehicle is exempt from sales tax, click here.

  • Sales tax money from Outdoorsy.com bookings will no longer be sent to you: Outdoorsy is liable for this tax and will withhold it, and remit it to the states (similar to how other rental websites & marketplaces currently handle sales taxes)

  • You will have the ability to manage which additional taxes you charge on Outdoorsy.com bookings (see action item section below for guidance on setting these up) Monies for the additional taxes you set up to be collected on top of Outdoorsy.com’s sales taxes (mentioned above), will be paid out to you.

  • View and export reports for your direct bookings or your Outdoorsy.com bookings on the Tax Report Screen - The export of this report will be most useful in displaying what taxes Outdoorsy is remitting.

  • An additional column on the Reservation Details Report that will show “Outdoorsy remitted taxes”. This will contain all taxes that were charged and remitted by Outdoorsy on Outdoorsy.com bookings. The Transaction Log Report will show the taxes withheld & remitted by Outdoorsy for each individual transaction.

Time Sensitive Action Required by November 26th for business who need to add additional taxes to be charged on Outdoorsy bookings

Who: States with additional taxes as well as sales tax

What: Update Tax Settings on the ‘non-sales tax’ taxes

How: Account Settings

🎦Click here to see how

  • Please Note: Do not select “sales taxes” to be added to Outdoorsy bookings. Outdoorsy will already have sales taxes charged. Adding your sales tax will result in double-taxing bookings. Only add to Outdoorsy.com bookings your “non-sales tax” taxes.

Unsure if a tax is going to be collected by Outdoorsy?

  • Take a look at your previous Outdoorsy.com reservations to see the sales taxes that Outdoorsy.com is calculating on their bookings

  • This FAQ page has a list of tax types by state with links & citation of the specific tax code.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out through the support bubble on your Wheelbase dashboard.


-The Wheelbase Team

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