As of November 26th, 2021, new Outdoorsy will withhold sales taxes and remit them to the state. If you have vehicles that are “Tax Exempt” please follow this process to have your vehicle(s) exempt from sales taxes on


  • Email: [email protected] with:

  • Subject Line: Wheelbase User: Sales Tax Exemption (this subject line will speed up the review process)

  • Send email from the same address you received this email to ensure speedy a review process


  • Business Name

  • Documentation: Any and all official documentation as proof of tax-exempt status for the applicable vehicles in your fleet

  • Specify Vehicles: to ensure a speedy review process, including the link to the RV from your Wheelbase account (click here to see which link to associate with your documents)

Once the documentation has been reviewed and approved, newly created bookings from on that vehicle will not include sales tax.

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