Have you ever wanted to 'tier' your pricing and/or raise the rates of your rig leading up to peak dates? Steps outlined below on how to set up tiered/peak pricing.

Example: If May 11-31 is identified as peak date range, setting up 'surge' pricing on basis of when renter is 'shopping' for those dates. More details and video included below.

Step One

Go to 'Rules/+New Rule/Dates&Ranges' then select the 'peak' dates from the calendar view.

Step Two

Scroll down and select price increase (or decrease) along with corresponding 'percentage' or 'set amount' from drop down menu on right.

Step three

Select from 'Which vehicle would you like this to apply to?' drop down menu for optimal fleet applicability.

Step Four

Choose name for your rule (eg 'peak long weekend') under 'What would you like to name this rule?

Step Five

Under 'Would you like this rule to be enabled?' select 'only for certain search dates' and select date range from calendar view (this will apply the percentage increase/decrease you have entered under 'Step Two' to specified 'shopping' dates)

Step Six

Repeat steps one through five if looking to create additional 'shopping date' tiers leading up/in relation to the peak dates in question.

📽️ Turn on your volume if you watch the video 🎧

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