Change the dates of the Reservation:
Select start date, then end date - click apply > update prices.

Vehicle Swap:
Available units for the dates selected will appear under the dropdown menu, this is helpful when the turnaround time on the calendar does not allow you to drag&drop reservations.

Adjust pickup/return locations:
Toggle between pickup/drop-off or deliver/pickup
Edit the time and address that displays on the customers receipt. 

Toggle Insurance: Click on drop down menu under "Insurance" to select Get Insurance, Reject Insurance, Custom Insurance or Delivery Only

Editing Charges

  • Rental Amount - automatically calculated and updates upon "update prices" 

  • Add-ons & Fees - select from available Add-ons or make a new fee. 

  • Taxes - select a tax rate for each specific line on the quote.

  • Mileage & Generator Fees: Select previously created Variable Fees to automatically calculate the cost of usage entered on the Reservation Page.

Premium Services

Available services appear below and can be easily added or removed. If a service is not available, it's likely that the reservation or customer does not meet the requirements. Please contact support for more on how to identify the requirements.  

Payment Terms

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