If the security deposit is not managed within 7 days of a reservation being checked back in, the entire amount will be automatically released to the customer. 

Once a security deposit is managed, no further changes can be made on that specific charge. You'll need to refund from the Reservation Charges. 

The security deposit may only be charged once (this is an authorization when using our Wheelbase payment processor instead of your own). 

  1. Navigate to the Reservation in question - it should be returned.

  2. Click on the red "Manage Security Deposit"

Four options will appear, choose the one that describes what you would like to do, you can also include a message to the customer to explain. The options are: 

  1. Hold Security Deposit: This prevents the system from automatically refunding the deposit after 7 days. Use this if you need to investigate further to determine how much, if any, of the deposit should be withheld, but you need longer than the 7 days. This gives you time to estimate the charges needed upon return. A hold re-runs the authorization until you take additional action.

  2. Claim Entire Security Deposit: The total deposit will be transferred to your account

  3. Release Part of the Security Deposit: Allows you to return part of the deposit, a box will appear for you to enter the desired relased amount. Once you select release part of security deposit, that will be released to the renter and they will then be charged for the difference.

  4. Release the Entire Security Deposit: The entire deposit is released to customer

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