Support Tools

  • We have a multitude of tools for you to get the support you need. Please use this document and other articles from our Help Center for in depth feature tutorials. 

  • As some of you know, we use a chat function built into Wheelbase. You will see a small bubble in the lower right corner. Feel free to shoot us a message there with any questions.

  • Main navigation bar (See below) 

  • Search Functionality: The search bar across the top of the screen can be used to search for customer names, reservation numbers, or even vehicles. This is typically the quickest way to jump to specific information within Wheelbase.

Account Settings

I will touch on a few of the accounts settings below. I encourage you to explore the accounts settings when you start to set up your Wheelbase account. 

  • Payout Preferences: You will want to set this up right away. This is how we pay you! (Bank information, has to be a checking account!) The bottom half of this screen is where you add a card that we can charge if you use a feature that costs money, for example a driver check who isn't using Wheelbase's insurance is $10. Learn more by clicking Here

  • Reservation Preferences: This is where you set criteria that applies to all of your reservations. For Example: Default pickup/drop off time, minimum nights, reservation deposits

  •  Checkout Questions (for your renters): These are answered at the time of checkout by your renters. Great for things like: "how many people will you be traveling with?" and "How did you hear about us?"

  • Delivery Drivers: Add any/all employees who will be driving the RV to deliver to the customer

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