Adding a Vehicle

  1. Navigate to the "Vehicles" tab in the main menu on the left

  2. Click '"+ New Rental" button in upper right corner

3. You will be prompted to fill in all of the pertinent details about the unit, complete the fields and save by clicking "Create Vehicle"

Now that you've added your vehicle, there are many different details that may change throughout the life of your unit. To change any information about a vehicle, simply click on the blue name on the vehicles page, then you will have these options:

Vehicle Settings

In “Vehicle Settings” you can build upon your default settings created in your Account Settings and Reservation Preferences. For example: in vehicle settings you can include mandatory add-ons for specific vehicles that do not apply to all your units. 

Some noteworthy settings here are Prices, Add-ons, Checkout Questions, and Vehicle Owner. I do encourage you to explore these on your own, but lets touch on a few here:

  • Prices: Here you can adjust your vehicle's pricing.

  • Add-ons: You can adjust vehicle specific add-ons here. If you have a specific add-on that is only available for a specific unit, please use this feature to add it to the correct unit. Otherwise, if you add it in the add-ons section in the main menu bar, your renters may accidentally select when it may not be available for the unit they selected.

  • Checkout Questions: Similar to add-ons above, this is where you would go to add any vehicle specific checkout questions. Example being a towable unit. You may want to add a checkout question for this unit that asks “What vehicle will you be using to tow this trailer?” 

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