Add-ons & Fees  //  Mileage & Generator

Add-ons & Fees: 

  • This is where you'll want to create all of the add-ons that you may offer to your renters; bicycles, linen kits, appliances, etc. When creating the add-on, you'll be asked if you want them to be "required", "hidden", or "daily". In the event that you have a mandatory cleaning fee; you will want to check the "required" box. That will automatically apply this to all of your reservations. 

Mileage & Generator: 

  • Create your tiered mileage charges, as well as your hourly charges for generator usage. Once you select "Milage & Generator" at the top of the screen, you will be given the option to add a "new fee".  Note: Once you create a mileage fee, you must apply it all vehicles you wish to charge the fee for. Click here for our "how to" guide.

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