• Navigation: You will see a few different view options on the top left hand corner of the screen, highlighted above. 

There a few different colors that may appear across dates on the calendar that have different meanings. 

  • Red: Unavailable

  • Purple: Reservation with a delivery

  • Yellow (not pictured above): Owner is renting their own unit

  • Green: Confirmed reservation (some payment has been processed) Notice the arrows showing 2 different shades of green. The darker shade = 'Handed off', meaning the vehicle has been checked out. The lighter shade = 'Returned', meaning the vehicle is back

  • Small Half Green after a reservation: Notice after the reservations there's a small green square, this is your "Turn Around Time" set in your account settings. This day is blocked off on customer facing calendars, preventing them from booking a reservation during that time. You (from your Wheelbase system) however, can create a quote or reservation that overlaps with the Turn Around Time of the previous reservation. 

Click and Drag Across Dates: This will allow you to start a quote or even block off those days (see image below) . Learn more about making a vehicle unavailable Here.  

Click and Drag Reservations: You have the ability to click and drag reservations and quotes to a different vehicle in the calendar, making it easy to swap vehicles or dates for a reservation (see below). 

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