How do I start a quote?

There are multiple ways to start a quote for your customers, the 3 most common are listed below. 

  1. Quick Add > New Quote (always visible in upper right corner) 

  2. Calendar (click and drag across dates) 

  3. Quotes Menu > New Quote

This article will take you through quoting a customer from the Quotes Menu

Quotes Menu

New Quote Menu:

  1. Select dates in the top left corner (see below) 

  2. Results include all the available vehicles and utilization history 

  3. Total Price are displayed to easily communicate to your customer

  4. Select the + Start Quote button on the chosen vehicle

How can I finalize & send a quote?

  1. Include Add-ons + Additional Fees

  2. Determine Insurance Coverage (will pull from your default under Premium Services) get insurance, custom insurance, reject insurance, delivery only

  3. If get insurance or delivery only, select a Protection Package

  4. Include any available Premium Services or Discount Codes before sending to the customer

  5. Deliver the quote to a new or existing customer

  6. Once completed, +Create Quote

Reservation Page

You've successfully built the quote, once you review all the details and Confirm email address  “Send Quote”

Does a pending quote block the vehicle from being seen on the iframe calendar and/or rented by other renters?

No, quotes do not prevent the vehicle(s) from being seen or booked by other renters. You can receive or create several quotes on the same vehicle and for the same dates and send them to multiple renters.

The reservations are made on a “first come first served” basis: the renter, who confirms and pays a quote first, will have a confirmed booking. The other quotes on this vehicle will expire. Once the reservation is confirmed, it will block the iframe calendar for the vehicle and dates the booking is confirmed for.

Do quotes have an expiration date? When do they expire?

There is no expiration date on a quote. The quotes expire automatically in two cases:

  • The vehicle has been booked by another renter. The renter, who confirms and pays a quote first, will have a confirmed booking. The other quotes on this vehicle that have overlapping dates with the confirmed booking will expire.

  • The quote will also expire the evening before the departure date stated in the quote if the renter hasn't confirmed and paid the reservation. Thus, the renter cannot confirm the quote overnight.

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