• From the main menu on the left, select the “Reservations” icon to display all reservations

  • You are presented a list of reservations, at the top you can choose from Current & Upcoming, Returned, and Cancelled reservations

  • To view a specific reservation click on the blue ID number on the left, this takes you to the screen below, the Reservation Page:

Reservation Details // Pricing Breakdown // Deposits, Insurance, and Roadside Assistance// Destination & Mileage

  • In the image below you see where the reservation details are, the pricing breakdown, and where to pay the deposit and remainder of the balance

  • Below you also see where to toggle insurance, add drivers, and enable roadside assistance; all from the reservation page.

  • The last highlighted area in the lower right is where you would view the answers to the checkout questions that your renters have answered throughout the checkout flow regarding their destination and estimated mileage usage.

Tabs at the Bottom of the Reservation Page


  • This is where you communicate with your renter, this is your email built in to Wheelbase


  • Here you see the transaction history for the reservation

  • To the right is an icon of a gear, click there if you need to refund a particular charge or transaction. Learn more about refunding Here

Verified Drivers

  • See all verified drivers for this reservation

  • Click the green "Add a new driver" button to add more drivers


  • You can view the month and see all reservations for this vehicle

  • You can click on a different reservation in the Calendar and be taken to that reservation's page


  • Here you can add various notes to this reservation

  • The drop down box allows you to color code the notes

Documents & Files

  • Add files and documents to a specific reservation

  • Email them or print them

  • Upload new documents by dragging and dropping them or click on "add files" 

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