The prep fee will replace your current add-ons that have the required box checked.

  • Required Add Ons charged once per trip will automatically move to your new prep fee. You don’t need to do anything.

  • Required Add Ons charged daily or as a percentage will be deleted. If you’d like to keep these, move them to another area, such as your daily / nightly rental rate.

!What you need to do!

  1. Go to your global add ons tab

  2. Identify your required add ons, look for the tag required on your add ons as shown below

3. Identify if your required add on need you to take action.

No action needed if you only have required Add Ons charged once per trip like the example below

!!Action needed!! if you have a required add that is charged daily, like the example below

!!Action needed!! if you have a required add that is charged as a percentage like the example below

4. If you identified that !!Action is needed!! you have to incorporate those percentage or daily required charges into your base price rental amount.

  • Go to your vehicle tab and select each vehicle

  • select the pricing tab and incorporate the daily or percentage add on to your Base Rate

5. Don`t forget to check our vehicle specific add ons, if they have a required daily or percentage add- on!

How does the Prep Fee Add On work?

The NEW Prep Fee Add-On bundles all your required add ons that you have currently in your global add ons tab into one prep fee that will automatically applied to new reservations.

The new Prep Fee Add-On can be soon found under each vehicle’s Pricing tab. It will have a new element: a prep fee

If you want to set up a new Prep Fee Add-On, you will be able to do that soon under each vehicle`s Pricing tab.

Why the change?

The prep fee gives you an easy way to cover costs related to getting your vehicle ready for the renter. Think sanitizing and stocking.

It also helps renters clearly see which costs are mandatory (fees) and which are optional (your optional add ons that are not marked as required). This pricing transparency even helps them feel more confident booking a trip with you.

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