An abandoned checkout occurs when a potential renter has gone to your website and started the process of booking a reservation (selected a unit, dates, and clicked the 1st "NEXT" button) but did not complete the booking checkout flow to fully reserve a unit (answer questions, input CC Information, etc). We alert you of these abandoned checkouts to make it easy for you to follow up and get them back to finalize a reservation. (Like putting something in your shopping cart online, but not completing the purchase)

The Wheelbase system sends automatic emails to these folks, trying to get them to finalize the booking, but you can see more success by giving them a personal call. These emails will be triggered for customers booking on your website only, not renters. Don’t worry, though! Outdoorsy customers are receiving emails as well encouraging them to book!

You can locate Abandoned Checkout's by going to: 

  1. The Quotes page from the Main Menu on the left

  2. Select "Abandoned Checkouts" from tabs at the top

  3. Click on the ID number to get to the quote page and review the information and send a quote!

Recommendations from Wheelbase Team

Use the automatic "Abandoned Checkout" emails!

  • Wheelbase has automated emails that are sent to customers that have abandoned the flow (start the process but don't complete booking). Here is where to set them up in your Wheelbase Dashboard.

  • We recommend you have at least three of these email notifications to customers set up.

  • We recommend the emails to be sent at 0hrs, 24hrs, & 72hrs after someone abandons the checkout

Be proactive, Reach out!

  • Check the "Abandoned Checkouts" tab in the Quotes menu periodically to reach our directly to those customers, answer questions, and hopefully close the sale!

Offer Incentive!

  • Try including a discount code in one of your "Abandoned Checkout" emails as a last-ditch effort to gain the customer's business!

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