Happy New Year (and Lunar New Year) from the Wheelbase team! Early indications in this Year of the Tiger are that we are poised to eclipse volume from 2021. With so many renters planning ahead and booking early, we’d recommend taking a moment to review your dashboard & fleet to make sure listings are polished up and ready to go. Whether it be updated/fresh/additional photos, 90-day inspections, or ensuring that your pricing/rules are set for 2022 - now is a great time to tweak/reset/strategize for success!

Product updates

Spruced up iFrame As those who attended the webinar earlier today are aware, we are launching an iFrame update that is more mobile friendly, more responsive, a better customer experience, and more search filters. The new flow also includes an improved gallery view to more effectively showcase your listing photos and offers an improved booking quote breakdown. Click here for a quick peek on some of the visual enhancements, and here to fill out the form and opt in!

Pro tips

Are your taxable add-ons set up appropriately?

Now that you’ve added all your tax information, we’d like to draw your attention to the add-ons that also might be taxable. Please, note that the taxes that you have defined in the “Account Settings” > “Tax Rates” in your account do not automatically apply to your add-ons. The reason for that is that not all add-ons might be taxable (varies by locality), and not all taxes defined in your account settings might apply to your add-ons. Please, check this article on how to add tax(es) to your add-ons and watch this short video here.

Leveraging the Rental Prep report for upcoming bookings

How do you prepare to get your vehicles ready for upcoming reservations? Something to consider is taking advantage of your printer friendly Rental Prep Report when preparing your rental unit for a trip. All key information, like pick up and drop off dates/time, add-ons bought by your renter, notes (that might contain your renter’s special requests, or your alerts in case your unit needs repair before the trip starts, etc.), driver verification - all is there. For more details on the Rental Prep Report, check this article and watch this 2-minutes video.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team through the support messaging bubble in Wheelbase or check out the Wheelbase Help Center.

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