The first quarter of 2021 is ending, and while January and February were already showing very positive trends, booking requests in March have gone through the roof! It looks like everyone is going to have a very busy summer. So check our pro tips and get ready for a great 2021 high season πŸš€ πŸš€

Product updates

  • Renter Service Fee is now correctly labelled in the Reservation Details Report export

  • Deposit Report now correctly shows refunded credit card fees on a refunded claimed Security Deposit

  • Failed Gateway Transactions are now logged on the Reservation Transactions

  • Vehicle publishing error messages have been fixed

  • Dashboard Quoting functionality now supports Same Day Reservations.

Pro tips

Do you use videos on your listings? When entering YouTube video URL make sure to paste the link from 'Share' pop-up vs. address bar at top of the page. They are different - learn more by clicking here) If you don't have videos, you should! Videos on listings increase engagement and drive conversion πŸ€‘

Getting ready for high season? As we're getting closer to high season your calendar is probably filling up quickly. Demand is pacing to go through the roof again this year so it's good timing to review your strategy and make sure you're not leaving money on the table. Here are a few interesting articles to become a Wheelbase ninja: Rules, Advanced pricing, InstaBook, Photos, InstaMatch

Pulling up reports and transactions can be time consuming Pulling up reports and transactions can be time consuming - be sure to utilize filter options (example shown here) to capture only the information you want. And for those of you with multiple store locations, you can always select and de select applicable locations as needed (see here)

Latest Wheelbase webinar For those of you who weren't able to attend, please click here (link to follow) to access session that took place today

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