As Q2 is over halfway through, the Wheelbase team is pleased to announce some product updates that we know will be setting our pro dealers up for success. Please take the time to read over enhancements below. We hope these will help drive bookings leading into what we expect to be the busiest summer yet!

Product updates

  • New! - Allowing users to adjust dates on insured reservations after the trip has been checked out. Click here to learn more

  • Fixed an issue where browser auto-fill drop-downs were blocking default Wheelbase filters.

  • Fixed an issue where Wheelbase owners were receiving SMS notifications for unrequested locations.

  • Fixed an issue where the “update prices” button for a booking using a child vehicle would not update the correct price based on the parent.

  • Fixed an issue where rental prep report was displaying “insurance not included” when custom insurance was activated.

  • Fixed an issue where credit transactions were not displaying on the custom email booking templates.

  • Fixed an issue where users were receiving emails for locations which they were not assigned to.

  • Fixed an issue where a new customer being created from the dashboard does not default to the dealers country of origin.

Pro tips

Everyone loves flexibility ****Did you know that over 69% of renters are now leaning to more flexible cancellation policies? Flexibility and/or willingness to work with renters under tough circumstances is always appreciated. Credit for future trip is also a great option to consider when things don't go as planned the first time around.

Everyone also loves transparency Do you have all of your most recent contracts and rental terms uploaded? Terms of Service URL entered at bottom of page? Please ensure to be utilizing these two options under the 'Policies & Documents' section of dashboard to make sure you are protected, and that your renters are fully informed. Click on video below for further details;

Wheelbase Webinars Wheelbase Webinars are held on the last Wednesday of every month! We know it's busy season, but hope that you're all able to carve out some time and sync up with the Wheelbase team along with fellow peers & pros. Feel free to reach out to us if not receiving the links or having trouble hopping on. The webinars are all recorded so if you can't make it, no worries! Here you can find recordings to all past Wheelbase webinars.

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