☀️ Summer is officially here, so we thought this was a good time to send a reminder on the importance of quick responses. Replying to messages within a few hours is a great way to build trust, and also a proven way to reduce the likelihood of chargebacks. Wheelbase would like to extend a huge thank you to all of you for finding the time to keep on top of this, even at the height of busy season!

Product updates

Based on growing feedback from Wheelbase businesses like yours, we've updated the first step of the booking process on Wheelbase's iFrame web integration.

  • All Wheelbase users' iframes (booking integration on your business's website) will now use the 'Next' call-to-action button instead of 'Reserve now' as the first step in the booking process. This may seem like a slight change, but we saw a 37% increase in conversion on the 'Next' call-to-action during beta testing. If you need more info, please view this new help center article.

Feedback regarding changing languages in "my profile" has been updated this month.

  • Employees can now adjust the translation of Wheelbase via the “My Profile” locale setting. Previously you were only able to set Wheelbase in 1 language based on the locale in account settings. Now you have full control to adjust to as many languages as you choose.

💡 Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the bell notification was displaying notifications for locations which they’re not assigned.

  • Fixed an issue where a new customer would have a default locale of US rather than the dealer's locale. This means CC’s being added to the renter profile were not displaying due to a miss-match of origin.

  • Fixed an issue that would not allow an expiry date to be set on store credits when refunded directly from the transactions tab on a reservation.

💡 Small update:

  • 'Send Test' call-to-action on custom emails now sends a test of selected email.

Pro tips

Renter's Reviews now visible to all Owners on Wheelbase

You now have the option to view (and reply to) reviews from your dashboard! This can be accessed under 'Reservations' section which now includes a 'Reviews' tab. Keep in mind you have 14 days from the date review is posted to reply to your renter's comments. Once that deadline has passed, the 'reply' button will disappear.

For more information, have a look at this article.

Is your calendar fully optimized (even on weekdays)?

'Tis the season of busy calendars, but sometimes, weekdays are still open. One way to fill up those gaps is to consider creating a new rule with reduced day/night minimums applicable to slots on your calendar that don't tend to fill up as easily. Another option is to offer decreased pricing for those lower peak times and help drive more bookings to fill those weekday gaps in your Calendar. For more information check out this video. We also have two help center articles going over steps in detail (here & here).

Are you charging by day, or charging by night? When charging by night it's common to see afternoon pick-up along with late morning drop-off. If charging by day it's recommended to offer earlier (morning) pick-up along with later (late afternoon/early evening) drop-off times. Also, keep in mind that any usage settings (such as mileage/generator charges) will follow the same logic as the option you have selected. For more information, please read through this help center article that includes this (1+ min) video summing up details.

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