As we continue to juggle a busy Summer season, we want to take a moment to talk about the importance of effective communication.

Last month, we mentioned how quick response times are a great way to build trust and reduce chargebacks. Another great way to elevate your business and attract the best renters is through adopting a 'concierge service' approach.

How are you differentiating yourself? Do you have a particular niche or focus? Are you doing everything you can to support your renters from start to finish?

Product Update

New! Separate Cancellation Policy Setting for Reservations

With travel trends changing how customers plan their trips, we've seen renters on utilize cancellation policy filters during searches, and weigh cancellation policies when deciding what to reserve.

To increase your listing's visibility and drive more bookings, Wheelbase has a new setting that enables you to choose a cancellation policy for separate from your website/direct customers. The setting offers the 3 Outdoorsy standard cancellations (Flexible, Moderate, & Strict) that renters booking on are expecting to see.

If you currently use one of those standard cancellation policies, nothing changes for you. If you currently have a "Custom" policy, that remains for your direct customers, however, you can select the policy you'd like on Please review the full detailed announcement here or check out this video explanation here.

Pro tips

Listing Photos First impressions are everything. Data shows that photos are playing an increased role in conversion rates. Is your default photo as effective as it could be? Will your image make a renter choose you over the competition? Have you included 'happy campers' and/or pets in any of your photos? (Pets photos increase conversion rates!) For more information on do's and don'ts for photos (and videos), click on this help center article.

Security Deposits We recommend setting your Security Deposit amount to match the deductible (calculated as 2% of your vehicle value within the range of $500-$1500). Many businesses have seen success offering/requiring Interior Damage Protection to cover damage costs and set their Security Deposits just high enough to cover insurance deductibles. Though a higher amount offers you peace of mind, be cautious about driving customers away with excessively high-Security Deposits. Data shows that anything above $2,000 significantly reduces renter conversion. Still not quite sure? Click here to read more.

Driver Verification Confirming drivers and finalizing insurance coverage for your RV should be your first priority once a booking has been completed. Not completing this step early can lead to unwanted last-minute cancellations, lost revenue, and the potential for high-stress scenarios on the day of pick-up. A great best practice is to keep on top of this via the rolling 7-day pick-up and return schedule on your dashboard home page (as shown in this here video).

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