Over the last couple of months, we've been focusing on the importance communication plays in running a successful business. This month, we'd like to kick it off with some examples of great communication.

How are you differentiating yourself? Aside from the importance of always responding to renters within an hour, another great way to set yourself apart is through great photos and videos of your rigs. Utilizing the 'Tell renters about your business' under 'About My Business' is also a great tool to tell your story and draw renters.

Do you have a particular niche or focus? For some, this might be renting your rig for sports/tailgating purposes. For others, this will mean renting your RV to people looking to head out to trails for hiking and riding. If you're not already doing so, make sure to offer renters any helpful hometown tips and include items like local tea or coffee as a great way to partner with local businesses.

Are you doing everything you can to guide and support your renters from start to finish? One pro we came across recently talked about being a member of an online wine club. In sticky situations, this owner would send a nice bottle of wine out to wherever the rig was on its journey to help straighten things out. A little "wow" goes a long way.

Product updates

Overriding your minimum nights setting & fill gaps in your calendar We are excited to announce a new option on Wheelbase that many dealers have been requesting. Our latest feature allows renters to request a booking that's shorter than a minimum requirement to help fill gaps in booking calendars.

Why are we making this update? Prior to the update, renters were able to reserve a vehicle for less than the minimum days or nights but would be charged in accordance with minimums set in place. With this new option, you will have the ability to allow renters to request a booking for less than the minimum amount of time if the start date is within the next few days or weeks.

💡 This new feature will function if a "minimum booking day" rule is set in place.

💡 If you have InstantBook enabled, the system will require you to approve and complete the booking using the green "Complete reservation" button on the booking reservation page.

-Please view this help center article which explains this new feature in more detail.

-Please view this video which explains how to use this new feature.

-Please view this video which demonstrates how this looks live on your account.

Pro tips

  • Get Insurance Just like "driver verification," it is your responsibility to verify if all insurances are enabled/activated before handing off the key to your vehicle. Namely, if you utilize Outdoorsy insurance, make sure that the insurance bundle corresponds to what the renter has chosen. If the renter has also bought Interior Damage Protection and Trip Insurance, there should be a policy number generated in these insurances' sections. Please note: once the trip has started, the support team can neither amend the insurance bundle, nor add interior damage protection coverage, or trip insurance.

  • Mileage Fees Do you have your 'Mileage Fees' set the way you'd like? Are you ever confused about how these fees are calculated? We've been getting a lot of questions on this topic over the last month. If looking for more details and clarity click here to read the updated help center article.

  • Search Tips We also get a lot of questions about search results, and what owners can do to ensure your rig appears as close to the top as possible. Factors that play into this include quick response times, quantity and quality of photos, reviews, volume of bookings, booking conversion, and more. If you're unsure on whether you're doing everything you can to perpetuate top-level search ranking, take a moment to reach out to your Customer Success Manager to set up a call - we're happy to help!

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