Happy Autumn! As summer's busy season rolls into the rearview, we thought it was a good time to share some ideas and suggestions on how to keep things humming along during chillier months.

If you haven't already, check out this article for the best RV sites to hit up during a fall road trip. From Washington to Montana, Utah to Texas, all the way to Maine and Florida - there are many fantastic adventures for potential renters to embark on. Is there an opportunity to spruce up your business with some seasonal content? Do you ever chat with renters about their next trip when they return your rigs (talk about a captive audience)?

Summer may be over, but Fall is considered by many to be the most beautiful time to travel and explore. Here's to thinking creatively about ways to extend our peak season!

Pro tips

Driver Verification As we continue to field a high volume of driver verification queries we want to reiterate the importance of prioritizing this step upon booking confirmation. Are you being as proactive as possible to avoid potential stress and anxiety on pick-up day? As we mentioned here previously, a great best practice is to track renter scheduling via the dashboard home page (as shown in this here video). If you're looking to learn more about driver verification, please refer to Verifying Drivers for Wheelbase Insurance and Driver Check says Failed or Not Verified, What Do I Do? help center articles.

How Flexible Are You? As we shared back in May, over 69% of renters are now choosing 'Flexible' cancellation policies. With customers utilizing cancellation policy filters during searches more than ever, adjusting to a more flexible option for those currently offering 'Moderate' or 'Strict' policies might be something to consider. To learn more about cancellation policies click here.

Are your Security Deposit and Deductible amounts on point? We've recently had a lot of questions about Security Deposits and Deductibles. We recommend setting your security deposit to match the insurance deductible amount (within the range of $500-$1500). For more information, please check out these super quick reads — 'How Much Should I Set My Security Deposit For?' and 'What is the Deductible for Wheelbase Insurance?'

Product updates

  • New Feature Release! We’re also very excited to announce a new update to Wheelbase that gives you more visibility into the emails sent to renters. Click here to see the details of this new feature and how it works.

  • You can now filter your reservations by location in the Rental Prep Report.

  • Filters on the Rules page are all fixed. You can now filter your rules by "effective date" to show only the rules applicable to the actual start and end date of the reservation, or by "shopping date," the date of reservation confirmation.

  • Now your employee users can only create "Special hours" for the Locations they are assigned (previously employee users could create a Special Hour that applied to ALL locations by leaving the location field empty. This has created issues for the Owners managing more than one location).

  • Messages that the Owners include when holding, releasing or claiming Security Deposit, are now properly sent and delivered to the Renters.

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