As we start to gear down from busy season, thought this was a good time to share a couple of pages to sift through while you sip on your pumpkin spiced latte (or seasonal beverage of choice). For those of you who are on LinkedIn, have a look at our Wheelbase page to see what the team is up to. There are also some great posts such as this recent article talking about how to **Navigate Your Rental Business Through COVID-19. Be sure to hit like and follow if you're a fan of the content. And if you're not on LinkedIn the articles posted can also be accessed through the Wheelbase Pro blog page!

Product updates

New! renters can submit date change requests. This feature allows Outdoorsy renters to submit date change requests for you to to accept or decline. If date change is requested by an Outdoorsy Renter, a Wheelbase Owner will receive a ****notification email and there will be a "change requested" status on the Reservations page in the main menu on the left. Owner will see also a tab on the reservation dashboard where he/she can either accept or decline Renter's date change request. Check this article here to see how it works.

Pro tips

Optimizing your Rules As we come across more and more accounts with rules that create renter (and overall) confusion, thought it was a good time to share some tips/rules on rules! Rule #1: Do not create too many rules and do not change your prices drastically. It might be confusing for your renters and may slow down their decision making process. Rule #2: Make sure there is no overlap when setting your rules, and keep in mind that 'set price to' option in Advanced Pricing will override any other rules you have in place (as shown here)

Online Rig Manual Anyone? Back in August we posted on the Outdoorsy Community Page about Touch Stay Guidebooks, a powerful tool that enables you to create online manuals for your fleet. If you're curious to learn more click on this link to read about how these guidebooks can benefit your renters and business. There is also this 'Ask me Anything' webinar with Outdoorsy/Wheelbase Owner David Rubio and Touch Stay founder Andrew McNulty. If you decide to go ahead with it don't forget to use 'OUT20' promo code to save a few bucks!

Quick Note on Chargebacks Even when we do everything we can to avoid them, credit card disputes/chargebacks can sometimes happen. A quick reminder on the importance of always responding within the time frame indicated by our Trust & Safety team, so they can successfully submit information on your behalf. If you do have any questions about anything chargeback related please reach out to your CSM or the support team via chat; we're always happy to go over methods & strategies on how to prevent these from affecting your business.

Minor Updates

Employee Users (Admin users & Custom use roles with permission) can update, add, & manage bank account information.

Improved Rental Prep Report layout to save some space (and paper when printed).

Fixed issue where Wheelbase users weren't able to create a quote for an Outdoorsy renter when they Outdoorsy renter had only sent a question/message and not quote/booking request.

(Reminder: directing a customer from to book directly with you to avoid Outdoorsy service fees can result in Outdoorsy removing your vehicles from

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