Happy Holidays from all of us over at Wheelbase!

This time of year is a great opportunity to reflect on the year that was, as well as plan for the road ahead. With over 90% of respondents to a recent survey indicating they will be taking a road trip in 2022, it appears the table is set for more adventure seekers than ever over the next 12 months.

Have you taken a moment to review your dashboard & fleet to make sure you’re polished up and ready for the new year? Whether it be updated/additional photos, 90-day inspections, or ensuring that your pricing/rules are set for 2022 - now is a great time to tweak/reset/strategize for success.

If you’re not quite sure on some details or have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to reach out to support or your customer success manager - we’re always happy to help!

Product updates

1099 Tax Information

You’ve already received a reminder or a text message from Wheelbase Support asking you to submit your tax information. If you haven’t provided it yet, please do so prior to January 1st, 2022. If we don’t receive these details ahead of the designated deadline, we must - by law - withhold and remit at least 24% of your reportable payments directly to the IRS. Read more about Outdoorsy tax collection and remittance here. If you need assistance with your tax information submission, check out this article or reach out to Wheelbase Support (via your Wheelbase chat bubble).

Photo Editor

You may have recently noticed a notification badge or ⚠️ sign next to one of your rentals on the vehicle page. This indicates that certain affiliated photos have been flagged by Outdoorsy due to non-compliance with the Outdoorsy Listing Content Policy (available here). With all of the positive correlations between photos and converted bookings, we recommend adjusting these asap to optimize Outdoorsy leads heading into 2022 (for more details on how to fix flagged photos, click here). Note: these instances do not have any effect on images appearing on your direct website.

Pro tips

Outdoorsy Owner’s Handbook We have recently made some revisions to the Outdoorsy Owner's Handbook - this document is a fantastic wealth of information. Start by scrolling down to page 20 (section which covers ‘attracting renters/listing best practices’). A little further down; pages 24 & 25 have some great tips & tricks on photos - great reading to go with your holiday nog!

Pricing Rules for 2022 Quick reminder that any pricing rules in place for 2021 do not carry over to the new year. If you’ve not already done so, please take a moment to make sure you have this dashboard component optimized to avoid potential disappointment/confusion as we flip the calendar over to 2022.

Reviews (are you utilizing email notifications?) With a limited time frame (14 days) to leave a review after the trip ends, we strongly recommend that you trigger two review reminders on your Wheelbase account: one to be sent 24/72 hours after the trip ends, and the other just a few days before the end of the review deadline. For details on how to set this up click here. Still not sure? Check out this video on how to set up custom email notifications.

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