Spring is officially upon us! As Easter long weekend approaches and calendars continue to fill up with bookings for 2022, we thought it was great timing to share this quick read (on why the ‘American Road Trip’ is more alive and well then ever)

According to the cited survey, more than 52% of Americans have vacation plans this Summer. And more than 9 out of 10 of those take place by motorized vehicle (America LOVES to drive).

Cheers to the iconic road trip (Clark Griswold, anyone?). To camping long weekends. Family get togethers. Connecting with nature. To all of the vast/undiscovered territory out there. And to all of you for helping make of of the adventures happen!

Pro tips

Sharing some 'pro tips' based on questions we heard a few times over the last month or so.

**How exactly is delivery calculated?**

The system will calculate mileage on the basis of one way only (your store location address to the delivery address entered). Keep in mind when setting your price/mile that you will be actually be driving 4x this distance (there & back when trip starts, along with there & back when trip ends). For more info on 'Delivery/Fees' click on this help center article.

Search Results (what can I do to make sure my rig shows up on page one?)

A lot of factors go into this; that said, the top three things you can do to make sure your rig appears as close to the top as possible are;

  1. Communicate! The algorithm responds well to owners who communicate with inquiring renters. Especially that first response.

  2. Photos! As a general rule you should have minimum of 10 photos for each of your listings. And it's not just the quantity, quality matters too ('shoot' for 1024 x 800 resolution). Lastly, the more furry friends and happy campers in those pictures, the better (these two are proven to increase conversion rates)!

  3. Reviews! The better your reviews, the better your chances of higher search results. And with the review rating front & centre on that 'results' page, you want to make sure you're doing all the right stuff to bring on all of the 5-star feedback!

**One last one (that we mentioned last month as well...just in case you missed it

Interior Damage Protection (Are awnings covered?)**Yes and no. Yes, if damage caused by renter is deemed accidental. No, if damage is caused by gross negligence or weather related. For more info on the details/benefits of Interior Damage Protection click here Also, some great discussion on the topic in the webinar held in early March. Check that out here

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