Not sure how many reading this have ever spent time on The Wandering RV website - came across this article (2022 Industry Statistics, Trends, & Facts) a couple weeks ago. Some really neat stuff in there, including the three outlined below;

Which states sell the most RVs? The states that sell the most RVs are California ($2.4B), Texas ($1.8B), and Florida ($1.5B)

Canada generates C$7.56 billion each year in recreational vehicle retail sales.

Indiana is responsible for 80% of the nation’s manufactured RVs. Of those, 3 out of every 5 RVs comes from just one county: Elkhart County.

Would have maybe guessed that first one, but Canada & Indiana?? Who knew?

Pro tips

Photo Captions → Keyword Searches Did you know that the content you include in your photo captions correlate with keyword searches? Is there a popular destination spot in your area? Does your rig has a desirable/plushy king size bed? Weaving popular features & amenities into your photo captions could very well lead to more targeted search results and converted bookings!

Since we’re talking about photos (another reminder, those pictures are worth a 1000 words) Have you made sure your photos (especially those first four) stand out amongst the myriad of search results as we head into Summer? Free nights in the calendar? Ever considered comping a quick weekend trip for a professional photographer to work their magic? This bar keeps on getting higher and higher - don’t sell yourself or your rigs short by not casting them in the best light possible!

Driver Verification (Make this a #1 heading into Summer) Confirming drivers and finalizing insurance coverage for your RV should be your first priority once a booking has been finalized. Not completing this step early can lead to unwanted last-minute cancellations, lost revenue, and the potential for high-stress scenarios on the day of pick-up. A great best practice is to keep on top of this via the rolling 7-day pick-up and return schedule on your dashboard home page (as shown in this here one minute video).

Updates & Quick Hits

Interior Damage Protection (New Provider - IMG) We now have a new provider for Interior Damage Protection & Trip Insurance - keep in mind that any bookings where Interior Damage Protection or Trip Insurance was added April 1 or later would be filed under IMG (vs. Generali if added March 31 or earlier). For more information please refer to the updated help center articles (here & here).

Add-Ons Those of you who had non-required or hidden/variable notes would have received a communication this month regarding some changes. Didn’t receive the comm? Still not sure? Reach out via chat or to your Success Manager if you have any questions.

iFrame Update For those who have already opted in via this form, thank you for your patience - we are still ironing out some final wrinkles to ensure the new version is fully compatible before making the switch to all users of the platform. Click here for a quick peek on some of the visual enhancements included in the new version.

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