July 4th is just around the corner - time to share a neat data point from our 4th of July travel trends report;

The average nightly rate for 4th of July RV rentals is $245 (fees and insurance included) as compared to an average hotel nightly cost of $393.90

The value proposition is even greater given that 30% of people looking to travel with Outdoorsy during the 4th of July holiday are traveling with children (and even more than that are travelling with pets).

Despite inflation and gas prices, road trips are still a very affordable vacation option…especially for those with kids and furry friends seeking adventure!

If you’re curious about the fastest growing destinations for 4th of July trips, click [here](

Insurance Updates

Update #1 (Outdoorsy Reservations → Outdoorsy Insurance) As per communication sent out on 6/8, any generated bookings created 7/6 or later (on insurable rigs) will be covered by Outdoorsy insurance. For ‘direct’ bookings you will still have the option to offer your own insurance.

Update #2 (Protection Package Update) As communicated on 6/21; due to evolving market/insurance trends & conditions we were required to make the decision to adjust insurance rates/price points (applicable to any bookings created 6/23 or later).

If you have any questions on either of above please feel free to reach out to our support team and/or your dedicated success manager. There was also some great discussion on insurance in the webinar that was held this morning - click here to have a listen.

Pro tips

Static vs. Dynamic pricing (are you fully optimizing revenue for your fleet?) As we all know, the price of an airline ticket or hotel room can vary by quite a wide margin - it’s all about supply & demand. Owners who charge the same rate 7 days a week/365 days a year are probably leaving some money on the table. If you’re curious to learn a bit more about optimizing your fleet, click on this article (yes, strategies employed by airlines effectively spill over to other industries…including an RV Rental Marketplace)

Policies and Documents/Terms of Service (couple quick reminders) Quick reminder for those of you who have rental agreements and/or fine print included in the eSign document; uploaded documents must be in PDF format. Use of other formats could result in content not attaching itself to content signed off on by renter. Also, don’t forget about adding a ‘Terms of Service’ link for renters to sign off on as part of booking flow as well (for those looking to cover all of the bases). For more details on these two click here and here.

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