With listings on the platform at an all time high (35,000+), it’s more important than ever to be as proactive and engaged as possible to make sure you’re differentiating and optimizing your fleet!

As mentioned last month, one option to consider is ‘dynamic pricing’ (if you’re currently charging a static nightly rate, you’re probably leaving some money on the table).

A great source to learn more is PriceLabs. If you’re looking to try some new stuff out our help centre articles on advanced pricing, dates/ranges, and utilization/optimization are a great place to start!

Product updates

State Fees (live, and now charging by calendar day) The recently implemented ‘State Fees’ section (under Add-ons & Fees) now charges by calendar day. For those of you who live in spots (Colorado/Hawaii/Pennsylvania) with daily state fees, this is a huge win!

Protection Plans Mandatory for Renters (effective date July 19th) You may remember receiving a comm ‘Changing how your Outdoorsy and direct bookings are insured’ on June 8th speaking to insurance changes set to take effect on July 6th. We were a bit delayed in rolling that out - it went live on July 19th (apologies for the delay)

Post Booking Add-Ons Request Speaking of; Outdoorsy renters can now request optional add-ons after booking is confirmed. These do need your approval, so please keep an eye out for emails from Outdoorsy outlining any potential post confirmation change!

Pro tips

Driver Verification (why is my renter not passing? let us count the ways) Back on June 1st, we shared some reasons why your renters might not be passing driver verification with flying colours (adding one more to the list after a few recent ‘inconsistent name’ cases)

a) renter tried to complete the steps with incorrect or ineligible/expired id
b) renter did not ensure clear images were captured (hoooold steady to avoid blurry images!)
c) renter is registered in the system more than once (multiple user id’s confuse the system!)
d) renter creates the booking, followed by 3rd party (intended driver) completing the steps outlined in booking confirmation link (this also confuses the system, make sure to ‘add a new driver’ in cases where someone aside from the person who booked is looking to drive)
e) additional/invited driver has not yet accepted invitation
f) renter is entered under booking as one name (let’s say Chuck Norris) but license indicates another (let’s say Charles Norris)

IMG ‘Interior Damage Protection’ Process Update (Alternate Payee Form) If you (as the owner) intend to submit potential claim on renter's behalf, make sure to complete this 'Alternate Payee Form' as part of the key exchange.

(If IMG is reimbursing someone other than the named insured on the policy, the alternate payee form will need to be completed to allow benefits to be issued to a third party other than renter default listed on the insurance policy)

Still not sure, more details in this here help centre article.

Photos (as we know, they’re super super important…but especially that primary image) Worth shouting out that your default photo not only has the potential to make that dazzling/eye catching first impression - it also gets scored/weighted most heavily in relation to search results. So, make it count (and make sure it isn’t a blueprint image…those should appear fifth at the earliest)!

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