How does the Prep Fee work?

The 'Prep Fee' represents the mandatory or required line item/add-on/cost associated with prep/cleaning/sanitization.

Details can be found under each vehicle’s 'Prices' tab (as shown below). From there you can set up or change the 'Prep Fee' amount and manually edit the description.

  1. Go to your 'Vehicle' tab in your Wheelbase Dashboard

  2. Click into a specific vehicle and click the Prices tab

  3. Set the total amount of the Prep Fee. This is the sum of all individual mandatory fees that you would need to collect to cover costs related to getting your vehicle ready for the renter.

  4. Set up a description for your Prep Fee. The standard default description is "This fee will cover preparing and sanitizing the unit prior to each rental" followed by any required add on names you might have had in place prior to the system migration.

  5. You do have the option of manually adjusting the description.

    1. keep in mind there is a 200 character maximum for the 'prep fee' description

Where do I set the tax rate for my Prep Fee?

  • The Prep Fee will automatically have the same tax rate attached than the default tax rate that you have set up for your rental amount.

    • if you do not have a tax rate set for your rental amount but would like to set tax for your prep fee, you would need to integrate the tax cost in the total prep fee amount (because there is no option to set separate tax rates for the rental amount and Prep Fee currently).

Can I set up/ adjust a Prep Fee globally on all of my vehicles?

  • No, the Prep Fee amount and description can only be adjusted on a per vehicle basis

Why the change from required add ons to Prep Fee?

  • Required Add Ons charged once per trip automatically moved to your new prep fee.

    • The Prep Fee description will have the default text plus the former required add ons names. If your required add on had a description itself, this would have not been migrated into the prep fee description, only the add on name. You would need to manually adjust the Prep Fee description.

  • Required Add Ons charged daily or as a percentage would have been deleted.

    • You can recreate those add ons and move them to another area, such as your daily / nightly rental rate.

The prep fee gives you an easy way to cover costs related to getting your vehicle ready for the renter. Think sanitizing and stocking.

It also helps renters clearly see which costs are mandatory (fees) and which are optional (your optional add ons that are not marked as required). This pricing transparency even helps them feel more confident booking a trip with you.

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