Happy Autumn!

As busy season rolls into the rearview, this is a good time to think about how to keep things humming along during chillier months.

Is there an opportunity to spruce up your business by sharing some seasonal content/destination possibilities? Do you ever chat with renters about their next trip when they return your rigs?

Summer may be over, but Fall is considered by many to be the most beautiful time to travel and explore. Here's to thinking creatively about ways to extend our peak season!

Product Update

As per comm that was sent out early last week, 'mileage/km' & 'generator' fee add-ons are now calculating on a per calendar day basis (regardless of whether you charge rental amount by day vs. by night). This is applicable to quotes/bookings created Friday, September 23rd or later.

For those of you who charge by night and are potentially affected; one way to adjust is by making slight reductions (15%-20%) to your allowances.

Citing an example; if you reduce allowance from '100' to '80' and have a new booking that runs from Oct 1-5, this revised allowance optimizes for the same allotment of miles that was in place prior to this update.

Pro Tips

Prep Fee Description (yes, you can finesse the content)

With the recent consolidated prep fee update, the standard default description of "This fee will cover preparing and sanitizing the unit prior to each rental" (followed by any required ****add on names you might have had in place prior to the system migration) is what now shows. Example below;

This fee covers preparing this unit for rental, including: [Prep Fee];

If you would like to adjust the migrated content manually; click into the vehicle, then prices tab, then down to the prep fee description. From there you can manually edit to your liking.

For those of you with larger fleets, apologies - above steps do have to be completed for each individual rental.

For more details, click on this help centre article.

Interior Damage Protection ('Alternate Payee Form')

If IMG is reimbursing someone other than the named insured, the alternate payee form will need to be completed to allow benefits to be issued to a third party (other than the renter/purchaser default listed on the insurance policy)

As discussed in the webinar this morning, we are currently collaborating with IMG to streamline processes and reduce existing confusion. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve.

If you have any questions or concerns please continue to use the Wheelbase Team as a resource. We will also be sure to keep this help centre article updated to reflect progress.

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