A tip of the cap to all reading this as we approach Labor Day Weekend.

From the owner with three to five rigs doing this as a side hustle, to those running high volume triple-digit fleets…this gig takes a lot of work.

A collective historical tribute as well to all of the contributions and achievements of so many of our ancestors. Labor Day was established all the way back in 1894 (128 years old now…I’d have guessed the under on that for sure)

We also tip our cap to Albert Pujols, and hope that any baseball/sports fans out there are cheering for six more home runs in September along with us.

⚾ 700, let's go!! ⚾

Product Updates

Prep Fee (now live)

Earlier this week we went live with the consolidated prep fee. You will now see that ‘required add-ons’ have been rolled into one prep fee, as well as the removal of percentage based add-ons. For more details please click on this

link to the webinar that was held this morning (prep fee talk starts at 5:16)

Driver Verification Update (renters now required to upload front and back of their license)

As of 8/23, renters in all 🇺🇸 states are now required to upload the front and back of their driver’s license as part of the verification flow. This additional step is a measure to increase overall safety and security on the platform.

Pro Tips

Interior Damage Protection (does not add to last minute/same day departure bookings)

A quick note for those of you who have Interior Damage Protection turned on/required. You won't see this coverage on last minute bookings, as the 'interior damage protection' is not eligible for 'same day' departure. Advance apologies to any future potential adventurers looking to book on a whim.

Not all ‘essential’ protection packages created equal

We have received a lot of questions about revised insurance pricing.

One worth calling out is that the ‘essential’ package/pricing differs on Outdoorsy vs. Wheelbase due to fact the it is the introductory tier on Outdoorsy vs. second tier on Wheelbase.

For more on ‘protection packages’ click here

Claims Process (reminder that you collect deductible for ‘direct’ bookings)

There was some discussion in the webinar this morning on claim process for vs. ‘direct’ renters.

To confirm;

a) for bookings, the deductible is collected from the renter

b) for ‘direct’ bookings, you (the owner) collect the deductible (via renter security deposit)

Still not quite sure? This ‘What is the Deductible for Wheelbase Insurance’

article goes into some more detail.

A good best practice is to include information about your deductible under your ‘policies & documents/rules of the road’ section to increase transparency on the matter for direct renters.

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