Wheelbase Greetings (it's almost frightful that Halloween is just 5 days away)!

As touched on in the webinar this morning, it's great to be part of a group that's so community oriented (from the dealer who provides the 'wow/white glove' delivery experience, to multiple owners collaborating to assist those affected & displaced through some of the events of 2022).

Yes, we're in the business of accommodating all of the adventure seekers out there. That said, it's refreshing to see so many owners going above and beyond to assist (in good times and bad).

Well done. Hat's off.

Industry Insights (Fall 2022 Travel Trends Report)

We recently surveyed 1300 travellers who took a road trip with Outdoorsy this year. Check out some results below;

  • 89% of respondents said they are planning to take another RV trip in 2023

  • 80% of travellers said that, compared to other vacations they had taken in the past, their RV trip helped them feel ‘more rejuvenated and refreshed’

  • 63% of travellers feel their family will be more in need of a road trip vacation in 2023 vs. years past

  • 53% of our renters say they want RV delivery as an option (something you should consider if looking to optimize your fleet)

  • 49% of travelers were inspired to buy an RV, Campervan, or trailer after their Outdoorsy trip

    Click here if you're interested in reading the full article.

53% and rising! Delivery is trending up...big time (why, you ask?)

  • Comfort Level - There are many potential customers out there who love the idea of RV camping, but not the idea of RV driving.

  • Customer service - Some of the best stories and most glowing reviews come from renters who’ve just had an owner pull up to camp with a ready-to-roll rig. By offering delivery and setup to your guests, you’re in a great position to ensure their trip gets off to a convenient and magical start.

  • Increased earnings - You can charge either a flat fee or a per-mile fee for delivery and pick up. For more details on setting up delivery charges, click here.

  • Peace of mind - When your renter wants a stationary delivery, you’ll know where your RV is the whole time, and you won’t have to worry about what might happen to it on the road.

  • More Bookings - 20% more leads are generated from having ‘delivery’ option in place

Product Update

Visibility of 'Notes to Renters' has been expanded

Previously, ‘Notes to Renters’ was visible to renters on the Wheelbase checkout iframe during the booking process, on the renters dashboard for confirmed bookings, confirmation emails, and the reservation receipt.

We’ve extended visibility; in addition to above, your guests will now see ‘Notes to Renters’ on new quote emails, abandoned checkout emails, and the renter dashboard while their booking is in quote status.

As promised to those who attended the webinar this morning, here is the video of Carina going through this update in more detail.

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