Season's Greetings!

As we touched on in this morning's webinar, now is a great time to sit back, grab a hot cup of cocoa, and reflect on your RV rental business from 2022. Ponder what worked, what didn’t, and how you want to optimize things going forward.

Below is some food for thought to get you going;

  • What does your competitive landscape look like?

  • Do you have the capacity (or do you want) to take on more?

  • Have you considered any specific and measurable growth goals?

You can’t get to new destinations if you don’t know where you’re headed. It's always a great idea to jot down some thoughts on your desired growth trajectory. Everyone needs that North Star.


We often hear the question, how many photos should I have? Some recent illuminating data indicates; the more the merrier (and that 15-25 is a good sweet spot)!

For those of you who might be doubling or tripling what you currently have in place, here are some creative ways to hit the mark

  • include images with furry friends and happy campers

  • sunsets/landscapes/beautiful vistas as backdrop

  • drones; getting more common (maybe pick one up on a post ‘black friday’ sale?)

  • capture any ‘niche details’ that could potentially attract guests

    • if you're a host that includes neat local/market style products - such as coffee, honey, soaps - don't be shy to showcase that in your photos

*there are some people who think that photos of floor plans and toilets should not take center stage (make sure those first four 'primary' photos are leaving a wow impression)

Photo Captions → Keyword Searches

Did you know that the content you include in your photo captions correlate with keyword searches? Is there a popular destination spot in your area? Does your rig have a desirable/plushy king size bed? Weaving popular features & amenities into your photo captions could very well lead to more targeted search results and converted bookings!

Including captions also gives you the opportunity to 'tell a story' as a potential guest scrolls through your photos. People love stories, another reason they might choose to book with you vs. the competition.

Quick Product Updates

Custom Insurance Tax Rate (US & Canada)

The option to add a tax rate to Custom Insurance has been added. If only specific vehicles use custom insurance, the same option is available under the vehicle settings.

Prep Fee Tax Rate

A tax rate can now be added to the Prep Fee. You are able to select from tax rates you have created in your Account Settings.

Prep Fee Line Item

During the checkout flow and on reservation receipts, renters will now see the prep fee as a line item only if you have a monetary value assigned to the prep fee field. If there is a $0 value, the line item will not appear on the renter’s end.

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