There are two types of emails that are currently sent from Wheelbase.  System emails are the result of actions taken by the system or after an action taken within the dashboard.  Custom emails / Custom notifications are setup by you through the dashboard and can be scheduled to trigger at any time before or after a customers reservation takes place.

System Emails

System emails are currently triggered in the following cases.
Email send time 0 hours = 23:45 UTC = 4:45 PM PDT

  • Payment reminder - Sent a day before an automatic payment is scheduled to take place

  • Payment failure - Sent in the event of a payment failure.  This email provides a link the customer can use to correct the issue prior to pickup.  Payment failure emails are *not* triggered by manual charges through the dashboard - only scheduled ones.

  • Security Deposit held - If a security deposit is held in the system, an email is sent notifying the renter and asking them to contact you for additional information.  We've found that this email cuts down on card disputes dramatically

  • Security Deposit released - When a security deposit is released, renters are sent an email notifying them of how much they'll receive back.

  • DMV Failure - If you have DMV verifications enabled for your account, we'll send an email to renters asking for a photo of their license in the event of a verification failure.  This typically only happens in a few cases, but there are some states - such as Washington - where it happens much more frequently.  We're constantly working to improve this process.

  • Reservation Receipt - This email is not sent automatically - you can trigger it in your dashboard by clicking the "Send Receipt" or "Send Quote" buttons

  • Messages - An email is sent to renters whenever a message is sent in the dashboard.

  • Reservation cancelled - When a reservation is cancelled, you have the option of triggering an email from the system notifying the renter.  You can disable this email at any time by unchecking the box when cancelling a reservation.  This email is *not* sent if a renter cancels a reservation - only if it's done on the dashboard side.

Custom Emails / Custom Notifications

In addition to system emails, Wheelbase also allows you to create your own custom emails that send automatically throughout the reservation process.  Custom emails can be triggered based on the following events:

  • Checkout abandoned - These emails are triggered if a customer begins the checkout process and abandons before completion.  They're a great way to followup with a potential renter and ensure they've completed their reservation.  We recommend setting a few of these up at various times throughout the day.

  • Reservation submitted - This event is triggered if you do NOT have instant-book enabled on your account.  These emails are sent to renters after they've submitted a request and before you've approved it.

  • Reservation complete - These emails are sent after a reservation has been completed.  If you schedule one of these for 0 hours, then it is sent immediately when the renter completes their reserevation

  • Trip begins - this event allows you to send an email to your renters both before or after their trip is scheduled to begin.  To schedule an email for before a trip begins, you'll want to set it up with a negative number of hours (-24 will send it 1 day before their trip begins, for example).  A positive 24 would sent it 1 day after their trip begins.

  • Trip ends - similarly, this event will trigger emails both before/after a trip is scheduled to end.  This is a great way to send dropoff information or request a review from your renters.

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