You can adjust your availability for pickups and drop offs in Wheelbase for each day of the week that will be displayed online to indicate to renters when is appropriate to schedule their times to come in. 

  1. Go to Account Settings

  2. Click on Store Locations 

  3. Click on "Edit" next to the location  

  4. Scroll down and input the the values for when the time windows begin and end. You can also check the box to mark that day of the week Unavailable for pickup or drop off.

WATCH OUT! Default pickup / drop off time adjustable in the reservation preferences: These times are just what we’ll use when creating the reservation to begin with. When setting up your pickup and drop off hours per location, we recommend you to make sure your default times are included within this timeframe. Let's say, you allow pickups between 9AM and 12AM. In this case you'll want for example to have 10AM as default pickup time but not 13AM.

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