There are several Wheelbase integrations you can choose from, but generally only one or two that will make sense for each customer. Here’s a quick guide to helping you pick the perfect integration option.

Available integrations

External Store

This is the easiest integration option. It allows you to create a link on your existing site to a mobile-friendly store. From there, renters can view available units & submit reservations online. Learn More

Embedded Store

This option is similar to the external store, but you’re given the ability to embed it into your existing webpage. There are also Wordpress-friendly versions of the embedded store as well. Learn more

Embedded Individual Vehicle Pages

This option can be embedded on your existing site. It shows a checkout form for a specific vehicle, including Availability. This is a good option if you already have vehicle pages setup on your existing site. Learn more

Custom Widget integration - Advanced

If you work with a development team, or are interested in creating a 100% custom integration with Wheelbase, then this is a great option. Using this option you’ll have full control over the entire design of your search/quoting pages. Learn More

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