In the Quotes menu of Wheelbase, you will see all quotes, requests, and statuses. Below is a simple way to break down those statuses:  

You will receive Quote Request & Reservation Requests if your settings are set to Require Approval to Book (Instant Book is OFF); meaning that these requests require some action from you to approve the request (by clicking send quote or approve reservation).

Quote Request - Renter has created a quote request by selecting dates and starting the checkout flow, but did not enter a payment to make it a Reservation Request. This request for a quote from you is waiting for you to click Send Quote that sends the customer an email quote

Reservation Request - Renter has requested a reservation and added payment details. The reservation is just waiting on the owner's approval by clicking Complete Reservation.

Waiting on you - Renter sent a request to a non-instant book listing, regardless of inputting payment info or not. A renter can back out of the checkout flow before putting payment info, and this can still show up as this status in the Quotes section. 

Sent to Renter - Quote has been created and successfully sent to the renter, now waiting on Renter to pay the reservation deposit to confirm a booking

Draft - Quote has been created by the dealer. Nothing has been sent at this point. 

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